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Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in correct uniform for their particular year group

Female Students

  • Ballet class / pointe / variations:

 Designated class leotard ,pink tights ,

 pink ballet shoes , hair / ballet bun 

  • Character dance class: 

Designated class leotard, pink tights, character shoes , character skirt , hair / ballet bun.

  • Body Conditioning:

Designated class leotard , footless pink tights, knee pads ( if necessary ) ,  yoga pad.

Male students

  • Ballet class / variations:

Designated class T-Shirt , black tights , black ballet shoes. 

  • Character dance class:

Designated class T-Shirt , black tights , character shoes

  • Body Conditioning:

Designated class T-Shirt , black tights , knee pads ( if necessary ) ,  yoga pad

* Leotards  and T-Shirts with program logo are available through Secrets of Classical Ballet

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