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Secrets of Classical Ballet 

Professionally established  Academy, dedicated to providing exceptional ballet training to serious students from ages 3-21 years old. 

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Year-round Children's Program


Open Enrollment 

Ages 3+ beginners

Saturday 10:00-11:30 am 




Professional Training Program

                                       Ages 9-21

At the heart of our program is a strong emphasis on Classical ballet technique, which forms the foundation for all other dance styles. Our experienced World class instructors provide exeptionally professional  education to help students develop a deep understanding of proper posture, alignment, balance, purity of lines, flexibility, strength and artistry. One of the highlights of our program is the  performance opportunities along with perticipation of prestigious American and International Ballet Competitions, that we offer to our students. Our Year-rounde exeptional program is designed for serious dancers who are committed to developing their skills and achieving their goals in the world of dance. Curriculum: Ballet, Pointe technique, Variations, Boys Technique, Character dance, Contemporary, World heritage of Classical Ballet repertoire.

SCB trained dancers of tomorrow!

Three days of unique opportunity to raise your Ballet technique ability to new level under professional direction of master.

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Students will learn from the highly effective teaching methods Vaganova technique.
The curriculum affords an excellent opportunity for students to greatly improve technical skill, develop greater self-awareness and gain a deeper understanding of individual artistic potential. 

Join our Exclusive Summer Intensive 2024 and experience the power and poetry of the art that is Ballet

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